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~ A lifestyle company built to Wear4wrd and Give Back. ~

HydbyH is a Lifestyle Company. Wearing HydbyH gear provides Anonymity, Giving Back to whatever cause you choose. Our gear is designed around comfort and performance, and HydbyH is positioned to help as many charities as we can achieve their Health, Youth, Direction goals.

Charity Velocity

Why not let our customers dictate where their charity dollars go? We design high performance, durable HydbyH gear at reasonable prices. Give Back to the Charities you want. Track contributions and reorder for friends and family easily through your account page. Click Here to Visit our Charity Page.

Full Transparency

100% of what you donate will be directed to charities. The cost of producing and marketing the products is covered in the published price prior to your charitable contribution. HydbyH will contribute 10% of net sales to charities our customers support.

Website Disclosure

As donations are made, HydbyH will update website with donation amounts. Click Here To Download our Disclosure in PDF Format.

No conflicts

We give all our charities an equal playing field. Either donating to one of them, or selecting the “Group Share” where all charities benefit from the contribution.

HydbyH is a lifestyle company looking to promote Health, Youth & Direction partnerships through the everyday purchase of products and transparent charitable giving.