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~ A lifestyle company built to Wear4wrd and Give Back. ~

About 4 years ago I started the qnr from the creatures I either worked with in the past, clients covered, brokers I met along the way, and/or people that we raged with. Soon after that Japan experiment came time off with family, coaching kids, a healthy reboot, and recently a seat at a new firm. I asked my buddy Gordon Suede to help reboot the "qnr" (stands for quip n ripp) here, but unsure if I will able to keep his attention. Here is his day by day listings (started on 3.20.13). Often the "ripp", aka song of the day, will accompany or have some association with the q, as in quip or daily anecdote.
*Monday's should be not so mainstream Monday
*Tuesday's will be "Double Shot Tuesday"
*Wednesday's might be anything
*Thursday's may be "Throw back" / Retro Thursdays
*Friday's could be "Under the Covers" (Cover songs)

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