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~ A lifestyle company built to Wear4wrd and Give Back. ~

The History

We don’t believe that HydbyH is something we created, but moreso it has been a way of life for centuries.  It is now a modern version of it’s earlier self.  We will continue to embrace the changes required to raise awareness around good causes, identifying good people, and measuring our impact on society.  Here is a look at the history of how we got here.
A group of us met up after graduating school.  Not from one school, but from all over the place.  We grew up in different towns, neighborhoods, and demographics.  We kind of accidentally realized we needed each other’s help growing up, meeting good people, finding quality bands to listen to, and experiencing different cultures.
“It”  started with a simple question: “how you doin‘”  It was a way to start or end a sentence, and a organically a way to pick people’s spirits up on a tough day.   Our group grew bigger, but the center of the circle stayed tight and unified in realizing the world would only be as big as we let it.  Hyd really helped with job transitions for friends and family.
Deja-vu and Karma:  the more people we helped and included in the network, the odds increased that we were letting in “life athletes” that may not appreciate our core beliefs.  We started to witness people using the Hyd currency to get ahead in life, without helping others out along the way.  These people would get better jobs, and failed to respond to their hyd network.  Karma came along and knocked them back into line, but regardless the deja-vu of their selfishness became a too common occurrence.
After the late 90’s we were determined to graduate our experiences into a charitable funnel.  One that was agnostic to cause, anonymous in name, and located at the intersection of Deja vu and Karma.  Hyd gave birth to identifying causes with Health, Youth, Direction at their core.  In 2009, we identified “wear 4rwd, give back” as a natural slogan for Hyd, and added “byH” as the extension, or mirrored reflection of the Hyd.
We think the “high$5″ will become a way for people to wear 4wrd, and give back as they move along in life creating their own Hyd network.