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Always eat your vegetables.



When you can’t drive, then ride a bike


Make sure your little Bro drinks his milk.


Teach the younger guys how to set-up a party.


Another caucus outside the barn.


Friends don’t have to live nearby to stay close with.


Hard-Core Brotherhood.

These pics and post aren’t part of any coordinated testament to Craig’s true impact on those around him.  There were people who knew him better than me, and I suppose in hockey terms I met him late in the 2nd period of the game.   These are my own thoughts and some random pics I found over the last few hours.  If for some reason you have your own thoughts or pictures to share, I’d be happy to find a way for you to express them here or in another way.  


Within a few minutes after I got the news that Cridds had passed away I couldn’t help but flashback to all the great memories. Craig’s obituary

The way that Cridds looked at life and the outlook he had during the last few years was of a true survivor.

He was always asking how my brother Jim was doing on his various tours in the Middle East.  Craig truly loved loved America and all that it stood for.

He loved his family more than anything, and his investment in his friends will fuel the next chapter for his family to lean on.

The guy was a worker, even in his most difficult health condition he was always making the extra-effort to get to work to make sure his fire didn’t burn out.  His ability to work hard and build relationships is greater than anyone I have ever known.

This man cared for others more than most people will ever know.  He had an uncanny knack for listening more when others just wanted to talk.

Last year “Boston Strong” was re-born, yet Cridds helped redefine Jersey/Boston Strong the last 4 years with us.   (don’t be offended by this statement, I am just restating he was a hard-core Red Sox fan.)

The last few years were arduous, but Craig and his family put together a fight like noone has ever seen.  He wasn’t dying, because they were too busy living.  Making the extra roadtrips when others in his shape might have felt sorry for themselves.

My wife said something so simple and true about Cridds this morning “…noone ever said a single bad or negative word about Craig.”

Raise your glasses, and bow your heads to a man of amazing grace, tremendous will, and a dancing soul.  May we all learn from his courageous life.

Light up the darkness for the man who wouldn’t blink when adversity hit him.


Such a massive Red Sox fan that it bleed thru to his shoes.



Fire Meeting….passing around the Talking Stick


Easily one of the greatest listeners I have ever known


Leaving us this week with more short-winded bursts of insight….I just want everyone to be happy.




















Here is a deep cut from a late innning Midnight Run roadtrip to Chicago….