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~ A lifestyle company built to Wear4wrd and Give Back. ~

What is HydbyH

Hydbyh is a lifestyle and a clothing company.

With your help we are creating the most diverse, global, consumer-driven, philanthropic network. HydbyH will become a lifestyle company with fresh ideas to distribute towards causes around the pillars of health, youth, and direction. Redefining how people think, why they care, elevating our impact on the present.

HydbyHOur mission statement is connecting day to day happenings like Dejavu and Karma as reminders to give back to causes you support. Wearing forward the”HydbyH” lifegear, supports a growing number of worthwhile charities.(“publishable” list being aproved by legal team).

Utilizing the concepts and ideas of the HydbyH team an outsized portion of the proceeds will be self-directed to communities and organizations. As donations grow, we will display them on this site to track the causes our customers choose. In essence customers become immediate shareholders in impacting the organizations that HydbyH will support.

The logo and meaning of HydbyH is driven off the mindset of giving back and paying it forward. If you took a reflection of Hyd (Health, Youth,Direction) in a mirror, you would simply get byH back. Life is a funny thing, and we can get distracted by family,school, friends, and the overall chase.

Often we get “shocks”or signs that come in reminders like karma or deja-vu, or sometimes we learn how small the world is if we simplify it for what it is: an opportunity to spread a positive vibe with quality HydbyH apparel, we call it life gear. We launch in Summer 2012…..spread the word, send us some of your thoughts :